23rd December 2019

Top 5 Best Long trekking trail in Nepal.

If you take the name “Nepal” you only have one picture in mind, i.e. Himalayas. Perhaps one of the most popular things to do is trekking in Nepal. Every year, the country’s majestic mountains draw thousands of visitors. We are here for a short introduction of the top 5 best trekking trail in Nepal which includes, Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Kanchenjunga Trek, Gosainkunda Pass Trek, Jiri to Everest Base Camp and The Everest three passes trek.

Trekking in Nepal is also a very good way to acquire the culture, customs, and customs of the people. Nepal has many beautiful destinations, offering great trekking trips and amazing experiences, not lacking in the local aspect.

Almost all the trails find in the Himalayas; the upper part of Nepal, inhabited mostly by Mongolian tribes like Gurung, Magar, and Sherpas. It is also the Mongolian cultural values and practices that you come into contact with when you stay in the hotels when listening to the guide and local people tell the stories while walking and slipping along the steep, rugged paths. So that’s what makes Nepal’s trekking trip enjoyable which is not just the beautiful sight of trees, lakes, streams, mountains, flora, and fauna that you can see as you walk along the paths.

Nepal has grown out of fourteen eight of the world’s highest peaks. Because of its rich geographical diversity, Nepal is considered one of the most popular mountain adventure destinations.

#5 Annapurna Circuit Trekking

Best 5 Long trekking trail in Nepal

Annapurna Circuit distance consider being the world’s highest and most dangerous mountain to climb. At 8,091 meters (26,545 ft) above sea level, Annapurna Circuit Trekking has often been voted the best long-distance trek in the world. It also the tenth highest mountain in the world. Around Annapurna Circuit trekking includes Annapurna range, Machhapuchhre, Hiunchuli, and Dhaulagiri with the most stunning and close-up view. We bunk out in comfortable tea house lodges on this journey and enjoy the sumptuous pies of the apple found here. The trekking team is going through the lovely villages and terraced fields, providing a glimpse into how this area’s residents live. And Annapurna circuit tours you through woods of rhododendron, passes and glacier streams and waterfalls, and provides spectacular views of clear cliffs with rivers running down below. This is at least once in a lifetime a’ must-do’ hike.

#4 Kanchenjunga Trek

Most people believe that the best trekking path in Nepal is the Mount Kanchenjunga trek. The walk follows the area around Kanchenjunga which is the world’s third-highest mountain where Kanchenjunga Conservation Area stretches over 2.035m sq. It’s a long trek that goes deep into the remote mountain ranges on the border between Nepal and Sikkim and Tibet. You can also enjoy Kanchenjunga Trek solo which offers the best views of Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586, Mt. Makalu 7463 m, Jahnu Himal, diverse scenery, mixed community.

From lush tropical plants to rhododendron, chestnut and oak trees, you will see a wide variety of scenery and then higher altitudes into the alpine zone. Through Rai and Limbus to Tibetan Buddhist villages, you will see a variety of Nepalese culture and lifestyle. Autumn & spring season is the Kanchenjunga region’s best time trekking.

#3 Gosainkunda Pass Trek

Gosainkunda Pass Trek also calls Gosaikunda Trek a thrilling journey from Langtang to Helambu Valley to cross the range. Gosain means’ lake’ in the pilgrimage Kunda. It’s a one-hour pass from the lakes. Then the trekking path continues through Tharepati to Helambu and northeast of Kathmandu Valley to Sundarijal. 

Gosainkunda Trek is all about Gosainkunda which is the Hindu people’s holy place. It is made up of many holy lakes at 4,380 m above sea level. People think that the lake’s holy water washes away their sins. Every year, thousands of people walk around this glacial lake to fulfill their social and ecological needs.

#2 Jiri to Everest Base Camp

Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek is an adventure trek for those trekkers who are physically fit, in good health, ample holidays and willing to challenge themselves with mountain life’s unpredictability. Jiri to Everest base camp trek itinerary has been designed to ensure enough time for proper acclimatization in collaboration with experienced mountaineers and guides. 

 All the rivers flow south from the Himalayan glaciers in this part of Nepal. But the trekking path goeslves a huge amount of walking up and down east The track must, therefore, climb to the ridge separating two rivers, descend to the river itself, and climb up the next ridge. Although the trek starts at an altitude of 1860 m, after a significant uphill climb. It crosses the Dudh Koshi on the sixth day at just 1500 m.

#1 Everest three passes trek

Everest Three Pass Trek Kongma La (5535 m), Cho La (5430 m) and Renjo La (5345 m) are high passes in Everest. Everest three passes trek itinerary takes you through 3 5,000m+ passes. It is the best way for those who have time to spend 3 weeks to explore Everest Area. The trek involves portions of the Everest Base Camp Trek. But it provides even more spectacular views of the giants in the Himalayan. It hearts as you traverse the passes of Renjo La, Cho La, and Kongma La.

Over two weeks of trekking can regard as a perfect combination of incredible scenery, frightening high altitude and a rare opportunity to explore Sherpa people’s culture. This walk, renowned for both danger and scenery will overwhelm you. 

Finally (Conclusion for Best 5 Long trekking trail in Nepal)

Best 5 Long trekking trail in Nepal one of the best and adventure trails in Nepal. It recommends for travelers who want a long trip to Nepal. And want to study about Himalayan lifestyle and culture of Nepal. In addition, we support you to do this type of adventure trip to explore the beauty of Nepal. currently we


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