Special trekking permit Nepal

Special Trekking permit is required to visit Nepal´s restricted areas determined for trekking by the government. If you plan to trek in two different areas, two trekking permits are required.

Nepal Special trekking permit fees




Upper Mustang

USD 500.00/10 days/per person


Upper Dolpo

USD 500.00/10 days/per person

Upper Dolpo

Note: After 10 days US$ 50.00/per day per person for upper Dolpo and upper Mustang.

Lower Dolpa             USD$ 20.00/week per person.                         Lower Dolpa

 (you must be permit for 2 week for lower Dolpa)

Manaslu Trekking Permit:

September-November: USD 100.00 for 7 days per person and after 7 days USD 15.00/day per person.
December-August: USD 75.00 for 7 days per person and after 7 days USD 10.00 per person.

MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Project) Entrance Permit. NPR.  3000.00 per person

 Tsum Valley Trek:

September-November USD 40.00 per person for the 1 week.
December-August USD 30.00 per person for the 1 week. 

USD 7.00 Per person per day (beyond  1 week)

Dolakha District (Gauri Shankar and Lamabagar):

Per week per person USD 20.00 Per person per week.

Humla District (Simikot-Yari):

Areas of Limi and Muchu VDC, area way to Tibet via Tangekhola of Darma VDC.

USD 50 per person / week

USD 10 per person / day (beyond 1 week

Rasuwa district (Tamang Heritage Trail: Thuman and Timure):

 USD 20.00 per person per week.

Kanchanjunga and Lower Dolpa:

USD 20 per person/ week 

USD 5 per person /day  ( beyond 1 week)


To get a group trekking permit an application form with other relevant documents should be submitted through a registered trekking agency of Nepal and Trekking fee can be paid in Nepalese currency. Nepal Hiking Adventure company  arranges special trekking permit accordingly before trekking departure to restricted areas in Nepal. for more details special trekking permit fees for other areas of Nepal. visit the official website of Nepal immigration. https://www.immigration.gov.np/page/trekking-route-and-permit-fee