Nepal Climate/Weather

Nepal weather/climate varies according to its season. Autumn and spring are the two most favorable seasons to visit Nepal. Autumn starts from early September to early December and brings in clear weather with sunny days and warm nights. After the monsoon is just over the country-side is green and lush and Nepal is at its most beautiful.

Whereas spring starts from the beginning of March to the end of May with occasional rain falls. From June to September, monsoon begins. Trekking is generally difficult and uncomfortable as the climate of Nepal at this time of year brings about hot weather and rain falls almost every day. The trails become muddy and are often leech-infested. Moreover, the mountains are usually obscured by cloud. Landslides sometimes block roads during the monsoon but many visitors still come to Nepal via India as the weather is even less pleasant down on the plains. The latter part of the monsoon especially the months of August-September are a time of festivals which will certainly enliven a visit to Kathmandu.

There are, however, possibilities for summer trekking in the trans-Himalayan regions of Mustang, Upper Dolpa and Limi Valley. These regions lie in a rain-shadow and therefore receive significantly less precipitation than the more southerly areas of Nepal.

Everyday weather report is announced by Radio Nepal, Nepal Television on their English channel and in the Nepal news. Different FM stations of Nepal announce the weather report in their news every hour.

Nepali and English daily newspapers publish weather information. The regional satellite photo on CNN and other TV news channels also help to identify major weather patterns. From websites also, you can get weather information.