24th March 2022

11 Facts About Nepal

A lot of people don’t know about 11 facts about Nepal. Nepal is not only with Mt. Everest, you can see lots of things here that will shock you. Nepal’s rugged trails are probably travelers ‘ most common reason to explore this beautiful, awe-inspiring country where legends and dreams are made. Following its recent earthquake, enjoying life altering treks is still a great destination.

But after the 2015 Earthquake Nepal is pretty much well or poorly implemented worldwide. Up to 8,000 people lost their lives, and the Earthquake killed about 20,000 people. Most homes, schools, and landslides somewhere but even Nepalese are a positive bunch because we know these disasters are beyond our control and are just part of the life cycle. Scroll down to learn some 11 facts about Nepal besides Mt. Everest, Buddha’s birthplace. Nepal is a holy land of Yogis, wild places for adventure and even the best trekking routes in the world are in Nepal. 

 Nepal Flag

You are all aware the flag is the country’s symbol. Although most countries have either rectangular or square flags, Nepal is the only country in the world to have the only non-quadrangular flag. The flag’s basic design is more than 2000 years old.

Nepali CalendarNepali Calender symple

Nepal follows a calendar of its own, also known as the Bikram Sambat calendar. Bikram Sambat calendar is ahead of Gregorian Calendar 56.7 years ago. Then only Nepalese use the date AD for foreign purposes.


The Living Goddess of Nepal

Nepal is home to Kumari, the only living Goddess. Kumari are Shakya / Bajracharya clan young girls who undergo stringent selection processes before being picked. The reign continues until it reaches puberty.

Buddha was born in Nepal

Lord Buddha is known as Light of Asia, who initiated Buddhism. Though Lord Buddha got enlightenment in Gaya of India, lots of people claim that Buddha was born in India, but Buddha was born in Nepal, so don’t get confused in this matter. Lord Buddha was born in the Kapilvastu district. But Indians spread false rumors that Buddha was born in India which was false advertising.

Brave Gorkhas

We saw the US president and North Korea President Kim Jong meeting was held in Singapore and for the security, brave Nepali Gurkha soldiers were on duty. “Better to die than to be a coward” is the motto of Gorkha Soldiers. Gurkha Soldiers also known as Gorkhali, are the bravest soldiers in the World and in world history.

Top in the world

Nepal has 8 world tallest mountains out of the top 10 mountains. No doubt, Nepal is a Himalayan country and world safe country from terrorist and other attacks because it is surrounded with two neighboring countries i.e. China and India.

Dangerous Airport in the world

Lukla Airport is the world’s most vulnerable airport. It is a flight from the capital city for about 40-50 minutes. Often known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla Airport is the gateway to Mount Everest.

Cow and dog is worship here

Nepal is full of cultural countries in the world. Maximum number of people are Hindu and then Buddhist.  Few present of citizens are Muslim but these two animals are strictly prohibited for slaughtering.

Saturday is the weekly holiday

Sunday is the public weekly holiday in most countries but Saturday is the official Weekly Holiday in Nepal. Here the government works 6 days a week, as do most private offices.

World top lake in the world

Nepal holds the top 8 highest peaks of the world alone. But not only peaks, Tilicho Lake is in the world top height which looks so amazing. Even though it is a dream of some other Nepalese to see this lake once in their lifespan.


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