13th December 2019

You can’t go wrong! THE BEST

A month or so before leaving for Nepal, we happened to meet some strangers , who were backpacking and had come from Nepal trekking and recommended Bishnu as a guide. They told us a story of how she had twisted her ankle, but stubbornly wanted to continue. She continued to mention how Bishnu got them settled into a teahouse, and took off on his own to fetch some medical attention for them. I should mention that we had been travelling all over SE Asia and India for 6 months before arriving here so we are seasoned travellers who like our independence of doing our own thing, and book all our own guides, with varying experiences.

We were travelling with our teen kids, so was wanted someone we could count on. He was so AMAZING. Adapted the trip on the fly for what ever we wanted, spend extra time here or there, giving us options and recommendations all along the route. He has a great personality.His English is very good also, so no miscommunication, (and a good card player! haha!) We got to know him well, having spent 16 days in Annapurna, then headed back to Katmandu, and ended up going to his village in the mountains in the other direction for another 5 days.

He is completely trustworthy and dependable. Annapurna, Everest or anywhere in Nepal…Bishnu is the man!