13th August 2019

Mardi Himal Trek (A virgin trails in Nepal)

It is my second time in Nepal before it was 1 year ago. Last year, I went for Kathmandu City Tour with some hiking around the Nagarkot. This year I planned for short and easy hiking so I read blogs, reviews and articles related to short treks in Nepal and landed on Nepal Hiking Adventure site. After analyzing, I contacted company’s manager Bishnu Lamsal. He was so kind and calming, he answers my question very gentle and provides information on popular Nepal short treks. Finally, I landed on Mardi Himal Trek after listening to the amazing highlights of this trek. After On my arrival to Kathmandu, Nepal there was Ram who was going to be my trek guide to Mardi Himal. I find him very fun and caring type person. He asked how my flight was, did I eat anything or not.
After reaching hotel I refreshed up and went to their company to discuss about the trip. They give me brief information about the trip. From the start of this trip, our tour guide Ram starts providing information of beautiful villages, their culture, monastery, Himalayan ranges and more. He showed us what we are looking for. He explore us around these local villages of Gurung and Magars. Truly learned great things from these villages and our guide. The trails was easy to moderate while ascending and descending was easy and fast. Along the way, I used to talk with our guide and porters. At teahouses he used to tell jokes and I have to laugh with them even though I can’t understand them. 
The great team of Nepal Hiking Adventure makes this trip of mine an unforgettable adventure of my life. I highly recommend this Mardi Himal Trek for those who want to experience Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges without spending long days of trekking. A great thank you to Nepal Hiking Adventure team and recommend to you all to visit this agency if you ever made your trip to Nepal.