16th January 2020

Death Zone of Mount Everest | Mount Everest Rainbow Valley

To reach the summit, climbers are shedding every pound of gear they can and taking enough compressed oxygen canisters with them to make it up and down. High up, say climbers, it’s hard to think straight, and even an hour or two delay can mean life or death. Everest Rainbow Valley is one of those Everest deep dark secrets every climber knows about. Mount Everest rainbow valley is capable of preventing mountaineers from attempting to climb. Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is one of those facts about Everest that must be studied by every climber before they make the ascent.

Some of the deaths this year, according to Sherpas and climbers, were caused by people standing in the long lines at the last 1,000 feet or so of the climb, unable to get up and down fast enough to replenish their supply of oxygen. Some just weren’t good enough to be first on the mountain.

Climbers are complaining on the mountain about theft and heaps of trash. And some of the oxygen systems used by climbers were found by government investigators earlier this year. Climbers said on a black market, it was found that cylinders were leaking, exploding or improperly filled.

Dark side of Mount Everest. Why it is also called death zone mountain?

The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest, located between Nepal and China in the Himalayan mountain range. The mountain serves Nepal as a huge tourist attraction and the revenue from tourism is their only proper source of income in the area.

Climbers may be affected by altitude sickness, frostbite, as well as weather and wind impacts. In the “death zone,” which is any part of the mountain above 26,000ft, climbers trying to reach the summit spend a fair amount of time. The time spent here is spent literally dying until the climber returns to the base of the mountain. While most of the deaths of Mt. Everest occur in this area, the remainder occur during the mountain descent.

That’s why it is called death zone mountain…

The mountain of the dead climbers who failed to survive their expedition is still filled by more than 200 skeletons. Most went into the climb thinking that they would never return and that they would die on the mountain in the same manner as a captain sinks his ship. It is also very risky for Sherpas (mountain guides) to try to get the dead bodies back to their families because they need to find the person most likely to be in the death zone and to dig the body out of the frozen state in which it is. Bringing one body down from the mountain often takes multiple people. 

The incredible “Mount Everest” is the highest mountain on our planet. It is a majestic beauty shrouded in absolute awe, excitement, mystery and wonder. The elevation is 8,848 meters above sea level. 60 years have passed since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made history as the first human beings to reach the summit of Mount Everest. More than 600 people have reached the Everest summit in a year now, which is about half the numbers that seek it. But it takes incredible stamina, courage and strength as well as lots of money to scale the world’s tallest point. It also threatens your life because it is potentially deadly due to extreme heights, avalanches, icefalls, etc. It had both seen success and disappointment.

While Everest has countless victorious and heroic stories, it has just as many tales of disaster and misery. I came across this movie “Mount Everest’s Dark Side” last week and was absolutely shocked when I came to know about the majestic mountain’s horrific stories. This represents the mysterious and potentially deadly dimensions of fantasy journeys and the adventure spirit.

Everest Rainbow Valley

Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is a small area just below the northern side of the summit. Mount Everest Rainbow Valley is a place full of dead bodies of climbers who have tried to reach the peak but have been unable to scale it and have gone through the process. Because of the colorful red, blue, green jackets that cover the bodies of the dead corpse, Mount Everest Rainbow Valley was so called. As the name Mount Everest Rainbow Valley sounds beautiful and colorful, the more horrible is the region.

Every year, thousands of climbers try to climb the mountain, and many of them succeed in the process. There are also few people who accept their loss and go back to the base camp. And then, there’s the party that’s struggling to attempt the climb. It’s unfortunate because their bodies remain in the snow, stopping the cold temperature from decomposing. The more death, the more bodies pile up leading to areas such as the Mount Everest Rainbow Valley being formed.

 Everest Expedition

Mount Everest Rainbow Valley

To climbers around the world, Mount Everest is the ultimate peak. No other mountain can offer the same feeling of achievement and accomplishment as the highest peak of the planet, the Everest Expedition. We are ready and able to help you safely and soundly accomplish your greatest climbing goals. If you let us take care of the logistics, your dream will be in safe hands.

As Everest climbed in 1953, Hillary and Tenzing sparked worldwide interest in the mountain. Since then, magnetic attraction has been retained by the summit that no other peak can suit. In reality, saying that the highest peak will be a lifetime highlight is an understatement. You will achieve your individual goals and share the achievement in every part of your life from friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to climbing peers who will appreciate the hard work, determination, stamina, and skill required to reach the top of the world.

The two main routes on Everest are via the South Col from Nepal and a northeasterly approach through Tibet. Each path can be structured or both offer advantages and unique challenges. Nepal’s side of the South Col is more common and requires less time than 8,000m/26,250 ft.

Mount Everest 

This route to the south starts with a trek to the famous Khumbu area of Nepal. The Khumbu highland landscape provides a magnificent array of snowy mountains, isolated villages of Sherpa, and elegant Buddhist monasteries, and it will be unforgettable.

The journey starts with an enchanting lowland hike or a fast and picturesque flight to Kathmandu Lukla high altitude airfield. Our team is assembling in Lukla and we ascend together through the region’s famous locations, namely the sprawling Namche Bazaar, Tengboche Monastery, Pangboche village, and more. We meet more crew after climbing to Base Camp and refresh our climbing skills. We have sufficient days of rest along the journey to ensure acclimatization. These days, as we become used to the altitude, we take the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?

All in all, the journey of the expedition is 65 days long, but if we are to think about the core days of the trip, the climbers take 47 days to ascend the peak from the base camp and go back to the base camp. Overall, apart from the one at the bottom, there are four base camps throughout the top. The climbers go up and down the mountain, from one base camp to another in search of the perfect window to gain altitude and reach the peak, and also to help acclimatize their bodies to the surroundings. That’s why it takes so long for them to reach the peak.

In addition to the duration of the expedition, the climbers also do some trekking. Before the climb, they walk from Lukla to Everest Base Camp, and back after the descent the same way. The entire trekking time is 10 days long. Either traveling in a vehicle, driving a plane, acclimatizing in the Everest region, or simply relaxing, moving around and having a great time in the Kathmandu Valley, the remaining 8 days are spent. Generally, the voyage of the Everest Expedition is a mix of all kinds of experiences.

Everest base camp story

everest base camp

Everest Base Camp is full of stories from the Everest Base Camp. There are two places you need to be in if you want to hear them. GorakShep, the last settlement area before the base camp, is the first location. Travelers, mostly the climbers, meet in the local bar and tell some of the most frightening tales from the Everest Base Camp. The second place to be at is the Everest Base Camp itself, where the climbers will rest before they start their ascent. Telling stories about Everest Base Camp is the way they can interact and have a bit of fun in the process.

It’s a known fact that Everest has a dark side because of the presence of places such as Mount Everest Rainbow Valley and so on. But the climbers shouldn’t be disturbed by this. It is important to remember Mount Everest Rainbow Valley, but it should not be taken so seriously that it demotivates them and stops them from ever trying to climb. Accept and move on with the reality of Mount Everest Rainbow Valley. That’s everything a mountaineer can do. If you’re an experienced mountaineer and have not yet tried to climb Everest, there’s a lot of fun and excitement that you’re lacking. Make sure your bucket list contains the top, or even better, come for the next season’s climb.

Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is an intrinsic part of Everest Climb, but even if you don’t try to climb, you can go on this trek. this trek  is, in reality, one of Nepal’s most common trips on its own. Every year, at least 30 thousand tourists from all over the world visit the country for the  EBC trek. So many things make this trip a really special journey. It has everything from religious attractions such as the Tengboche Monastery to viewpoints. Such as Kala Patthar, from busy markets such as Namche Bazaar to Lukla’s most dangerous airport in the world, and finally, there is Mount Everest Base Camp, one of the best places on earth.

Everest base camp helicopter tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Nepal is one of the spectacular and incredible adventure tours just in 1 (One) day to discover Mount Everest’s front-eye view with Helicopter. We give regular departure based on the cost of Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour from Kathmandu to EBC. Visiting the Everest Base Camp in a long time might be somewhere boring. So we’ve organized an Everest Base Camp Helicopter flight landing tour that will take you close to Nepal, Mount Everest and Mount Everest Base Camp most precious jewel.

Nepal hiking adventure

Nepal Hiking Adventure presents Hiking with the Himalayan Mentor in Nepal covers a variety of regions that allow travelers to explore their true natural wonders and spend exotic days out there.  Especially for those who enjoy walking, we give day hikes to see the magnificent Himalayas from the top of the hill. Hiking and trekking are two different types of the trip as per our trip process. It should be as short as possible for hiking and must be done within a day. Trekking is a multi-day adventure walking trip that could be easier or harder as well. But hiking tours in Nepal are a recreational walking trip to spend a day on the nature trail.

The chosen day hiking tours are specially designed to meet the time and specifications of their holiday. It is possible to arrange especially short walking holidays in Nepal for those who have very limited time, break from their work for a day and try a smooth grade of walking courses.


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