7th October 2023

Major Cities in Nepal

Nepal is the globe’s 94th largest country by area, and it is one of the top 50 most population-filled countries. Nepal has many major cities which contribute to the total population of over 31 million inhabitants. 

Kathmandu is by far Nepal’s biggest and largest city. Not only is it the biggest with a population of 1.5 million, but it is also the only city in Nepal with a population surpassing the 1,000,000 mark. The next largest city, Pokhara, has just 200,000. There are five other cities that have populations that have surpassed 100,000. There are also some smaller cities that still have large populations — numbers that exceed 10,000 per city. There are a total of 32 from these cities, and of course, there are additional smaller cities and towns with populations that are less than 100,000.

list of major cities in Nepal


One of Nepal’s Major cities is undoubtedly Kathmandu, the capital, and biggest City of Nepal, with around 1.4 million Plus Population. Major cities in Nepal by population range above the 1 million mark too. The total area of Kathmandu is 49.45 km². Kathmandu City is also located in Bagmati Province. Kathmandu is a Metropolitan city. 

highlight of Kathmandu city 

  • Pashupatinath Temple 
  • Boudhhanath Stupa
  • Kathmandu Durbar Squire 
  • Swayembhunath Stupa(Monkey Temple)
  • Dream of the garden 


Lalitpur is also known to be the epitome of the religious, cultural, historical, and temple city of Nepal. It is the fourth largest city in Nepal with around 6 lakh population. The total area of the city is 37.4 km². It is located in Bagmati Province. 

Highlight place in Latitpur

  • Patan Durbar Squire
  • Goldren Temple 
  • Patan Museum 
  • Krishna Temple
  • Sundhara 


Bharatpur is one of the quickly growing cities in Nepal and is now the third largest city in the country with approximately 2.80 lakh plus population. Bharatpur is the headquarters of the Chitwan district. The total area of Bharatpur is 433 km². Bharatpur city is located in Chitwan District of Bagmati Province. 

  • Sauraha (Tourist Place in Bharatpur)
  • Chitwan National Park (Jungle Activities)
  • Tharu Cultural Show
  • Elephant Breeding Center 
  • Bird Watching activities 


Pokhara is one of the loveliest cities and also the Second Largest City in Nepal, with around 4 Lakh  Population. The total area of Pokhara is 464.2 km². Pokhara City is located in the Kaski District of Gandaki Province. Pokhara is also the headquarters for the Gandaki Province.

Highlight of Pokhara. 

  • Sarankot (sunrise/sunset view Point)
  • The Caves (Gupteshor Mahadev Cave, Mahendra Cave, Chamere(Bat) Cave)
  • Fewa Lake 
  • Begnas Lake 
  • Barahi Temple
  • Peace Stupa 
  • Pumdikot
  • Fewa Lake Side 


Janakpur has been mentioned in the epic  Ramayana as the well-known birthplace of Sita. Also, Janakpur is the 7th Largest City in Nepal, with a around 1.73 Lakh Population. The total area of Janakpur is 100.20 km². Janakpur City is located at the Dhanusha District of Province No. 1.

highlight of Janakpur 

  • Janakpur Rail Way(The one and only railway in Nepal)
  • Ram Janaki Temple 
  • Janakpurdham
  • Ram Temple


Dharan is one of the prettiest cities and also the 9th Largest City of Nepal, with a around 1.50 Lakh  Population. The total area of Dharan is at 192.32 km². Dharan city located at Sunsari District of Province No 1.


Dhangadhi City is one of the western gates of Nepal and is situated in the Far-Western Development Region and shares a border with Uttar Pradesh state, India. Dhandadhi is one of the largest cities of Nepal, with around 1 Lakh. The total area of Dhangadhi is 162.6 km². Dhangadhi city located in Kailali District of Sudurpashchim Province.


Biratnagar is the 5th largest city in the country of Nepal with around 2.50 lakh. The total area of Biratnagar is 77 km². Biratnagar city is located in the Morang District of Province No 1. Biratnagar is the largest city in the province and also the headquarters of Morang district.


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