31st May 2022

Langtang Valley Trekking

In all seasons, the Langtang valley trekking is breathtaking. That season has a glory of its own. The fall season gives trekkers the best season to do Langtang trekking while the trail blooms with rhododendrons and other wildflowers during the spring. During these seasons, you’ll enjoy good weather in the dry environment.

Langtang Valley Trekking  is ideal for those not far from Kathmandu who want to spend a week in the lap of nature. With incredible mountain views, this trek helps you to discover all of Nepal’s geological and cultural aspects. Trekking in the Langtang Valley is only moderately hard and requires you to trek from Syabru Besi for about a week.

If you’re searching for unique, new and clean-washed flora and fauna, then autumn trekking is the best option for you. You can find few fellow trekkers during the winter season, but an amazing view of the snow-capped peaks. You can encounter the rainy climate with quite unpredictable weather conditions during these seasons.

So, why Langtang Valley is favorable place for everyone to visit?

Langtang is a 61.8 km northern border from Kathmandu’s capital. This is near the capital’s most scenic and popular trekking location.

The area, along with diverse vegetation, is renowned for the rhododendron and bamboo forests. Buddhist temples and monasteries as well as Mt. Langtang Lirung’s stunning views. The Langtang Valley is also home to the Tamang culture from Tibet. The word Langtang actually comes from the Tibetan language as well. Lang’ means Lama (Tibetan Buddhism’s teacher) and’ Tang’ means to obey. This name comes from the story a Lama learned in the valley of the Langtang.

 How is the weather so supportive to visit Langtang Valley?

During autumn and spring, one of the best things about trekking is that you don’t have to face extreme weather and flooding. It can be quite difficult to trek for several hours a day or for a week. It can be too dangerous if it becomes too hot or too cold or if the roads are muddy with rain.

But the fun autumn and spring weather and the beautiful views of the mountains and the surrounding landscape make Langtang Valley Trek the most enjoyable time to do. The days are dry and nice in the autumn. Okay, spring nights can get a little bit colder. In these seasons, during lower villages, you may wear shirt and shorts while in the evening and higher altitude places you may need a fleece or a jacket.

Short facts about Langtang Valley Weather to Trek

  •         As the spring begins after the winter season, the nights and evenings in March may be quite colder. So, if you’re trekking in the early spring, you need to remember such a cold when packing.
  •         To make sure you have a place to say, book your accommodation in advance. This is the second most prevalent period for trekking. So it could be difficult to find a place to live without booking.
  •         You can sweat a lot under the heat during the day’s treks. You can use some deodorants to avoid the bad smell.
  •       During your autumn walk, you can see the simple and beautiful views of the mountains.
  •       You’re going to walk through the colorful woods of the fall, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the sight.
  •       During this season, the entire Langtang Valley is awesome with Dashain and Tihar celebrations and the weather is great for trekking.
  •         If you are planning to hike this season, i.e. from September to mid-December, you should also make your reservations in advance. People usually book the tea houses in advance because during this season many people are trekking.
  •         You should ask for alternative routes that are less busy, if you want to avoid traffic on the roads. But only after consulting with your guide, this is free.
  •       How you will reach there?
  •       It’s expensive to hire a private jeep than a public car. But if you fly through the travel agency in Nepal, you don’t have to think about it.
  •       Instead of using a public bus, you can hire private transport for faster service. It’s going to be more relaxed and you’re going to reach Dhunche a little quicker. Sitting 6-7 Private Jeep Service costs around $150 for one-way travel.

Things to focus on before you trip to Langtang Valley

Trekking in Monsoon’s Langtang area means you may experience heavy rainfall, so mountain and landscape views may not be as simple as they would be. You may also need to take a few additional steps in the summer to stay safe from mosquitoes and leeches.

You have to keep warm from head to toe all the time during the winter. Many tea houses during the winter may not be open, and sometimes you may need to walk up to the next village to call it a day. You may need to brace for cold nights, strong winds and snowfall as well.

In spring and autumn, the roads are also easier to walk on as there is no flooding or snowfall in these seasons.

How safe is Langtang Trek and how difficult is to trek?

The road was closed by the government of Nepal after the divesting earthquake in 2015, but now the route has been completely changed and reopened for trekking in addition, it is much safer for trekking. The road was closed by the government of Nepal after the divesting earthquake in 2015, but now the route has been completely changed and reopened for trekking in addition, it is much safer for trekking.

How the local hotels are helpful to guide the trekkers and what cost does it takes?

There are several private and local guides to get you to the sites safely. Wi-Fi is available in various hotels and guesthouses. You get an opportunity to charge your camera battery or cell phone for electricity, solar panel power the village, but you have to pay an extra charge of about $1-$3 per hour.

This depends on the days of trekking and the travel agency itself. In addition, there are many reasons behind the rate. Langtang Valley Trek’s estimated cost is between $600-$900

At last, the Conclusion

We have almost listed all the information, such as the best time to visit, routes, itinerary, price, graph of altitude, trekking map, etc. So I hope you liked our Langtang Valley Trek ultimate guide.

If you have a long holiday to spend in Nepal, you can go on an extended Langtang tour, but if you have a short holiday, you can go trekking for 7 days, keeping the itineraries close.

Most famous Langtang valley trekking routes: 




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