15th August 2019

10 Reasons You Should Hire a Trekking Guide

Trekking guides are the special person who guides and gives you a wonderful tour of places that you are unaware of. While trekking or touring in Nepal, guides must be hired as they will give you a brief tour around important places of Nepal. Even the experienced trekkers and travelers hire guides in Nepal as they do not want to miss out on important things. Solo trekkers need to manage and have knowledge on everything from roadmap to accommodation, permits, safety, important places, and viewpoints. here is described about 10 reasons you should hire a trekking guide in Nepal.  

So, Do you need to hire a trekking guide in Nepal? Well, yes. You do need to hire trekking guides while trekking in Nepal so the guide can lead and help you throughout the entire journey. Let’s read the article why there are reasons you should hire a trekking guide??

Trekking Routes

Nepal is full of confusing trekking routes as it passes through dense forest, narrow pathway, unsigned roads, Inhabitat places, etc. Even experienced trekkers get confused about places like this. There are number junction, turnings, switchback roads, etc, which are the most confusing part of this trip for solo trekkers. Local people won’t be there every time for asking help about routes. Thus, you need an experienced guide that will guide you throughout the trek.


While trekking in Nepal, you get a chance to visit and explore wonderful remote villages. People living in these villages do not speak English fluently. If you are trekking independently, you can’t get an opportunity to communicate with local people. If you need anything or get lost and want to ask help, you can’t express themselves as they can’t understand you. But if you are traveling with guides, a guide will translate for you. They might even teach you some words of Nepali. Namaste and Sanchai Hununcha are the most common Nepali words. They might even order your food and drinks in Nepali. Thus, you must hire guides so that problems of language barrier does not occur.

High-Quality Accommodation

Accommodation in the Himalayan region is very limited. During the peak season, all the hotels and lodges get packed. So, if you travel alone then you have to manage everything. First, you need to get into your desired location on time and search for hotel rooms to spend overnight. You might get into low-quality rooms even though you pay more for it. During peak season, when every hotel is packed in such a situation there are high chances of solo trekkers to turn away by hotel managers.

But if you came along with a guide that has good relations with the hotel might provide you with high-quality rooms at a low price. In case if rooms are packed, they will find a good place for you to spend the night.

Supporting Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is the major source of income for the Nepalese people of the Himalayas. People depend fully on tourism to fulfill their daily basic needs. Thus, hiring guides and porters means you are providing them with a job; and directly or indirectly, you are providing some support to them as well as the Nepal Tourism Industry. Therefore, if you ever travel to Nepal, never forget to hire guides and porters as small help of yours can make their life better.

Cultural Experiences

Trekking in Nepal provides wonderful cultural experiences as it passes through various culturally and historically rich villages and towns. Visiting these villages offers a marvelous outlook at the traditional lifestyle of Nepalese people. If you trek solo in Nepal, you can’t experience the rich culture of these regions. You might see the house, people, farms, etc but you can’t experience their culture and tradition until you meet and communicate with them.

When you are trekking with guides, they will tour you around the villages and interact with the local people. Some of them might even invite you for dinner or lunch or some festivals, which is a great opportunity for you to explore and learn about their culture, tradition, and lifestyle.

Guides offer views of a lifetime.

Nepal is a true gift of nature. Thus, you can find places with heavenly views and scenery which cannot be expressed in words. But to get magnificent views, you need to be in the right spot. Solo trekkers might have good knowledge of routes but they might not have knowledge of viewpoints that provides extraordinary views.

Trekking guides who have been in this field for many years know which place is perfect for providing a view of a lifetime. Along the way, they will stop you and show you views around that you won’t find elsewhere. They also provide you with a short description of the views and scenery. Without experiencing the true beauty of Nepal this trek is incomplete. So, hire a guide while trekking to enjoy every bit of natural views and scenery of Nepal.

Increase Self-Confidence

Nepal Treks are not an easy task. Even for experienced trekkers and hikers, it is a tough task. Trekking Trails are full of challenges and thrilling moments, so there are the reasons you should hire a trekking guide. During this adventure trip, you walk across a stony, rocky, narrow, steep, and glaciated pathway for 6 to 7 hours a day; which is enough to break your confidence. There are cases when solo trekkers lose their confidence and returned back without completing the journey. Thus, you need an experienced and skillful guide that will encourage you when needed. They will entertain you with funny jokes, inspiring stories, songs, and chats.


Trekking in higher altitude arises too many risk factors. You need to very careful while trekking on these trails. But accident and sickness do not by informing. So while trekking solo, in case you get affected by altitude sickness or some accident then it becomes difficult for you as there will be no one to help and rescue you. But if you have a guide with you then he will do what needs to be done in such a situation. If it’s a serious case and requires immediate medical help, he might call a helicopter for the rescue. Thus, always hire trekking guides while trekking in Nepal to ensure your safety.


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