tea house/lodge

Tea houses are hotels that offer basic lodging and meals along Nepal's trekking routes. In the Everest area several Sherpas own and run tea houses along the trekking routes of Everest. To the west the Annapurna region is covered by the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) in a large conservation area. The NTNC regulates tea houses in the Annapurna and has to meet specific criteria including fixed pricing, standard menus and restrictions on how many tea houses can be built along specific routes.


Everest Expedition

As we all know, Nepal is a land of mountains. In Nepal alone, 8 out of 14 world’s highest peaks above 8,000

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Kyanjin RI trek
8 Days

Langtang Trek Kyanjin Ri With Cherkhuri Ri Hike

 Most trekkers ascending Langtang trek with  Kyanjin RI will climb up nearly 1000m/3200 ft. from Kyanjin Gumba’s small village. Before the clouds

6 night 7 Days bhutan tour
7 Days

6 night 7 Days Bhutan tour

Taking a 6 night 7 Days Bhutan tour of this holy nation to get the best out of Bhutan. This personalized tour