If you're someone who doesn't like the experience of a luxury hotel, and instead goes for something real, then Nepal homes are just for you.

They are not only an excellent way to experience the local culture and lifestyle, but they are also an affordable option to provide you with a cozy and convenient holiday stay. Homestay choices in Nepal are many. Though Pokhara is the spiritual capital, you can plan on staying at Bhaktapur known as the devotee's spot. You will find excellent homes even in the capital, Kathmandu, which will give you the same experience that a hotel does at a cheaper rate.


Muldai View Point Trek

The Muldai View Point Trek is an exciting and rewarding adventure that takes you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in

Grand Dashain Festival Tour
6 Days

Grand Dashain Festival Tour

Nepal is a richly diverse country in terms of culture, traditions, festivals, rituals, history, and arts. Every religion and ethnic groups have their own festivals and have their own way to celebrate it.

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