Ram Krishna Lamsal

I am Ram Krishna Lamsal and I was born in Jyamrung- 03, Dhading, Bagmati, Nepal, on 1992. Since I finished schooling at 16, I started my career in Tourism in 2009. Starting as trekking porter gradually facing many obstacles and turns of life to become a guide, after doing a guide for a long time than today, I am standing as Manager of Nepal Hiking Adventure Company Pvt. Ltd.

I often remember my past days and think about the future. Whenever I remember past events of my life it gives me the power to work a hard. Trekking is my passion and I grew up the place where the mountains are a few hours away and after having long experience in trekking field I thought why I shouldn’t start to own my company as a Trek and Tour operator to provide satisfactory service with reasonable cost to my valued clients. I am always thinking loves to traveling and respect the travelers.

To be good tour operators one’s needs to be traveler himself so that he can identify the travelers’ needs, interests and expectations easily. Whenever I have been running Trekking Company as Trek and Tour operator, during this period I met much different kind of people from the glob & quite familiar with them. So that can understand the feeling of people very easily. I highly appreciate your kind support and keep expect further upcoming days too.